Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper – (Day 1) A New Job

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Dear Diary,

I just started my new job today, and it’s perfect.  It’s a small company with only a few employees, most of whom are never in the office – they all work “in the field.”  Also, there’s a receptionist, so I won’t have to be constantly answering the phone (thank goodness for that).  The receptionist is very friendly, and I can tell that she’s looking forward to having another woman in the office.  Most of the other employees are men – all the better for what I

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7 Responses to Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper – (Day 1) A New Job

  1. Don Hubner says:

    True Blue, if you didn’t find her through an employment agency then these small business owners found her in a Penny Saver Add. I have met greater than 50% of the “old hag” bookkeepers out there that keep the bank balances “in their head”. “What’s a bank reconciliation” they say, “oh that, I just guess and the bank balance. “Why do my checks bounce.” Meanwhile, I’ve met too many trusting business owners that have been stolen blind and are now hanging on by dear luck. You really want a professional bookkeeper, that is honest. And watch out for that “good ole boy” network of “Construction” guys. Bet your bottom dollar they’re “not” skimming, when they say, “must know the construction business”. But golly gee, I’m a sucker for a pretty face, and a sexy smile, so I guess she can take my wallet as long as I can loosen my belt buckle. Where’s the coffee? Try a real bookkeeping and tax service, EZ Fast Bookkeeping, ezfastbookkeeping@live.com or call me 909-864-7281 to arrange for a future of integrity. Hasta La Vista, BaaBe

  2. Scott says:


    I love where you are headed with this idea, and you are only on day 1 of your diary!

    Hope you have someone in place to bail you out of jail when you get further along in your diary (just kidding!)

    Scott Gregory

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  4. Banjora says:

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