Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper (Day 127) – The Payroll Tax Scam

Dear Diary,

Today, I was bored at work.  Really bored.  I mean – surf-the-internet-looking-for-designer-handbags bored.  (And I don’t even like designer handbags…although I wouldn’t mind a Brighton.)

Anyway…it was Payroll Day, which usually I’m happy about.  When payroll comes around, I take my sweet time entering all the timecards and wages.  I tell the boss it’s an all-day project, but in actuality, I’m done before lunchtime.  I usually bring the checks into his office around 4PM, thus I get the rest of the afternoon to

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14 Responses to Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper (Day 127) – The Payroll Tax Scam

  1. Ksusha_ says:

    it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

    • E.T. Barton says:

      Ksusha, feel free to quote anything you like from our blog. Our goal is to get the word out so that people can stop embezzlers.

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  3. Small businesses should consider using an outside service to process payroll. The services also provide direct deposit so employees don’t have to wait for their checks. The payroll package arrives in confidential envelope that the owner would open before the bookkeeper. Not fail safe, but creates huge barriers for embezzlement and fraud.

  4. D deTreville says:

    Sorry, but payroll service bureaus are NOT the answer if you have under 100 employees. The amount you pay makes them not worthwhile since only Ceridian, PayChex, Century and ADP have been in business long enough for anyone who knows what damage they can do to feel safe. The only way to protect yourself is by constant vigilance on your checking account. I’ve been a full charge bookkeeper for over 20 years and have branched into forensic bookkeeping in the last few years. It is fascinating and horrifying. The one that really upset me was a small non-profit that was drained by an unscrupulous person. How can people sleep at night????

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