For Writers

Are you a Writer looking for my assistance with your website, blog or book marketing?

I have a very special offer for you.  

Currently, I am growing a Travel Club in Southern California.  (However, anyone from anywhere is welcome to join.)  Because I am busy with the club, I am only helping people who are actually in the club.

That’s where this special offer comes in.

Normally, I charge anywhere from $300 to $500 to “Pimp Out” a Writer’s Blog.  By “Pimping Out” a Writer’s Blog, that means I can do anything from set up a site from scratch to transferring a blog to WordPress.  It also means I add Premium Plug-Ins to your site that will save you HOURS and HOURS of time blogging, as well as do much of your marketing for you.

Are you still with me?

The Offer:

For a limited time, I am offering the following Special Traveling-Writer Package:

If you join my Travel Club and stay in for three months, you will get:

  • $500 worth of my blogging services, plug-ins, set up and blog transfer services for free.
  • As much as $250 worth of Travel Credit that you can use on hundreds of amazing 4 and 5-Star trips all over the world that only club members can access.  (And when I say “Amazing,” I mean “Blow Your Socks Off AMAZING!”)
  • $100 Worth of Software and EBooks to help you Supercharge Marketing Your Book.  These are not eBooks or Software that I have created, but products that I have found and bought the rights to sell or give to my “clients.”  You could pay a fortune for these products, but I am going to give them to you with your Traveling-Writer Package.

If you like the club and want to stay in it past three months, I will also continue to deliver marketing products for up to one year that will really help you become a Blogging Master.  Each month, you will have access to anywhere from $75 to $100 worth of amazing digital products like eBooks, Software and Blogging Plug-ins and even Premium Themes that will save you tons of time on marketing your books.

All of this for WAY LESS than what I would normally charge for my services.

Still Interested?  

Wanna know the price?

That is top secret.  This is a very exclusive club and prices are not allowed to be published on the Internet.  Thus, you have to contact me and let me know that you are interested.  Once I know you want to know more, I will contact you and we can discuss options for you.

Again, this offer is only for writers.  If you are not a writer and want a package like the one I just described, then also send me an email and we will talk.

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