How to Send an Email Blast Without Getting Spam’d

Many times, when businesses try to send out multiple emails at once, they end up getting put into the receiver’s Spam box.  It isn’t because the receiver doesn’t know the sender.  It’s usually because the sender has chosen more then 5 people (or some number just as disturbingly small).  It can be really frustrating when you have to send out an email blast to a multitude of people, and then never hear from them because the message ended up in their Spam folder, and they never check their Spam folder.   To bypass this, you simply need to send out an email blast, which is a creative way of saying “the same email message customized for each recipient but sent one at a time.”

Below is an excerpt from our newest ebook, “How To Start A Lucrative Virtual Bookkeeping Business” that will guide you step-by-step through the Email Blast process.  You can use these steps any time you want to update a large number of people about a single event, and the process usually takes less than 15 minutes – depending on your computer.


To Send an Email Blast:

1)      You must first begin by creating a email list in Excel.

  • With Outlook, you simply open the Contacts, then click on File – Import & Export –  Export to a File (and Next) – Microsoft Excel (1997-2003) and Next – select Contacts and Next – choose where you want to save it by selecting “Browse”, the location (I like the Desktop because it’s easy to find later), and rename it  then OK to get back to the save screen – Next – then Finish.
  • Once you have created the list, you will want to open it and remove any names of people and companies that you don’t want to get your email blasts.  This could be names like United Airlines, any credit card company contacts, people you think are jerks, etc.  Also, remove any names that don’t have emails.

2)      Open up a Word Document and type up your email message exactly how you would like it to look.  That means add your signature line.

3)      When you’re done, go to the Mailings Wizard and click on “Start Mail Merge”.  For 2007 Office it will look like this:

  • For older versions, you want to find the Mail Merge Wizard.  You may have to search the “Help” topics to know which menu item it’s under.

4)      From the Start Mail Merge menu, click on “Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard” (usually the last choice in the drop-down menu.

5)      A sidebar will pop up that will walk you through the steps.  It will look something like this:

6)      From this menu, just click “Email Messages” and click the “Next” step at the bottom.  Go through each of the steps until you get to the final screen.  As you can see, it’s only 6 Steps.

7)      At Step 3, you will be prompted to select your Excel Email list.  You will “Browse” for it, then find it – hopefully on your Desktop.  Once you open it, the Mail Merge Wizard will prompt you to choose a Worksheet Tab – and usually show you two.  Pick the worksheet that has your contacts in it.

8)      Next, you will be taken to a “Mail Merge Recipients List” where you will match up the headings from your Email List to your Word List.  Most of the headings will be filled in correctly already.  Just double check that there are actually emails where emails belong and names and companies where they belong before you press OK and continue onto the Next Step.

9)      At Step 4, you will be able to add your address blocks and greeting lines.  Make sure you choose at least the Greeting Line feature so that each email will be customized to the person receiving the email.

10)  After you’ve completed “Step 6 – Complete the Merge”, the emails will be ready to go, but they will not be sent. You have to actually click on “Finish and Merge” in the toolbar at the top.  It will look like:

  • Then click “Send E-Mail Messages.”
  • Once you click “Send,” your computer will attempt to send it through your Microsoft Outlook Outbox.  That means, if you have not set up your Outlook outbox before, you will need to set that up.

That’s it – You’re Done.

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