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To kick off a new direction for the OneHourBookkeeper Website (which will be happening this month), I am releasing my first of many mini books to come about all aspects of Business Blogging.  “How to Twitter on Auto-Pilot” is the first of this mini-series.  The regular price of each book in the series will be $5 each, and $3 for newsletter subscribers.

Check out an excerpt below:


Followers Are Potential Customers

I will admit, when I wrote “How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 101,” I said I did not understand much about Twitter.  I knew I could get a lot of traffic to my blog from Twitter (in fact, I got a healthy percentage of traffic from my – then – 2,000 Twitter followers with every post).  But other than posting each blog to Twitter, I didn’t do much else with it.

Then I read John Locke’s book (How I Sold 1 Million EBooks on Amazon in 5 Months) and I decided to really look at Twitter again.  I looked at Locke’s Twitter page and saw that he had 20,000 Twitter followers at that time (July 2011).  Then in October, Locke has close to 25,000 Twitter followers.  So with less than 20,000 Twitter followers and a pretty basic blog, Locke was able to sell 200,000 eBooks a month.  (That’s the power of Viral Marketing.)

Now I know what you’re probably thinking:  25,000 Followers?  How did he do that?  I have less than 1,000. (And if you have more than 1,000, that’s fantastic…keep going.)

I will go into that in further detail.  In fact, later in this book, I have included an old blog post called “How to Get 1,000 Twitter Followers in a Week”, so keep an eye out for that.  But to make sure we are on the same page, the basics of getting Followers is to first follow the RIGHT Tweeps (Twitter People), and then they will follow you back.

Thus, for Locke to get 25,000 Followers, he had to follow 25,000 Tweeps first.

Well, I can tell you this:  With the kind of growth Locke is getting, and with his skimpy blog site, there’s no way this guy is using Twitter how “Your Average Joe” does.  In fact, if I had to bet on it, I would guess that the man is using specialized software.  I say this because to grow 5,000 followers in a few months would take a huge time investment for a single person.  Twitter allows users to follow a maximum of 1,000 people a day before they block that person, and they allow users to “Unfollow” 400 people a day max before they mark them as “Aggressive Followers.”  (Although to be perfectly honest, sometimes pushing those limits will make Twitter shut your account down.)  If they mark you as Aggressive, they shut your account down and it will take a while for you to get your Followers back.  Following and Unfollowing that many people a day takes hours.

However, there is software that can do that in a fraction of the time.

But I’ll get back to the software in a minute…


Interested in reading more?  Well, this Twitter Guide is only $5 ($3 for Newsletter Subscribers).  Just click on the Buy Now Button below to get it, or sign up with the newsletter to get it for even less.

The next mini-guide I will be working on is Selling from Facebook Fan Pages.

How to Twitter on Auto-Pilot:  An Internet Marketing Guide for Business Owners and Entreprenuers (Only $5 – $3 for newsletter subscribers)

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