Laptop Features to Consider For Small Businesses

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One of the things I see a lot of when it comes to bookkeeping is laptops…lots of laptops.  Some work incredibly well (whether for bookkeeping or anything else) while others work horribly.  Thus, I have compiled a list of features to consider when shopping for any laptop, whether for bookkeeping alone, or for business in general.

(If you have any further recommendations, please leave them in the comments so that other readers will know what to consider.)

  1. Must-Have Features For Your Bookkeeping Laptop:
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27 Responses to Laptop Features to Consider For Small Businesses

  1. Jay Shah says:

    I would add:

    1. Don’y buy cheap one – they will have old Celeron CPU. You should have Core 2 or the new i3,i5 or i7 CPU (they are the newest and i& is most expensive)

    2. More RAM is more important than just a notch higher CPU. Get,at least, 4GB RAM. 32 bit Windows will not use more than 4GB. 64 bit Windows can use up to 8GB RAM but it does not have, yet, many programs that run in 32 bit Windows.

    i7 CPU and 8 GB RAM with 84 bit Windows is more for gamers or graphics or math wizards.

    3. Avoid Vista. Get Windows 7 Ultimate or Premium but not Home basic.

    4. Get an external portable drive and few minimum 8GB USB Falsh memory with encryption.

    5. Do not forget a 1TB or higher external Hard Drive for local backup and an online backup service like Mozy or Carbonite.

    6. DO sign up for remote access software like LogMeIn Free so you can remotely login to your client’s PC.

    In short do not skimp on this if it is your business laptop and is used frequently vs. just onece in a while at client’s office.

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